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Slimming Tea blend Herbal Adelgazante - Infusion Value Pack (120g) - THE PRODUCT CENTER PLUS

Nuestra Salud

Adelgazante Slimming Loose Blend Herbal Tea Value Pack (120g)

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 Adelgazante- Slimming blend Value Pack Herbal Infusion

Bitter taste Honey and/or lemon drops maybe added for a more palatable taste.

is a unique mixture of five select herbs and botanical extracts, each carefully selected from deep within the Amazon rain-forest.  This effective herbal infusion has traditionally been used throughout Latin America as a natural alternative for Healthy Fitness.

  • Helps to Lower cholesterol. detox cleanser of toxins
  • for traditional weight loss diets
  • help increase weight loss
  • Natural Weight Loss Tea / Reduce Bloating / Body Cleanse / Speed up your Metabolism / Appetite Suppressant / 100% NATURAL

Es una mezcla de plantas previamente seleccionadas traídas desde los majestuosos Andes y la Selva Amazónica, conocidas y usadas tradicionalmente en la medicina alternativa para ayudar a controlar el sobrepeso, colesterol y purifica la sangre.

    • Diente de Leon – Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
    • Hercampuri (Gentianelle alborosea)
    • Hojas de Sen – Senna Leaves (Cassia senna)
    • Hojas de Alcachofa – Artichoke leaves (Cynara scolymus)
    • Hojas de Yacon – Yacon leaves (Smallanthus sonchifolius)

    Pack contains 3 zip-lock bags of 40g each total 120g


    Preparation (4 cups)

    To obtain the optimal benefit of this herbal tea, add 13gr or 1/3 of this package into a liter of boiling water for approximately 5 minutes, let it stand, strain and serve. It is recommended to drink one cup after each meal throughout the day. Honey and/or lemon drops maybe added for a more palatable taste. You may also use a French press. It is not recommended to use this product excessively, pregnant women should not use this product,,

    Preparacion (4 tazas)

    Para  obtener óptimos beneficios de nuestro producto “FITO ADELGAZ FORTE”  Agregue 13gr. (1/3) en un litro de agua hirviendo de 3-5 minutos, luego deje reposar, cuele y tome una taza preferentemente antes de las comidas. Para hacer la infusión más agradable al gusto puede adicionar miel y tome bastante líquido. No se recomienda el uso excesivo, el uso en mujeres embarazadas.


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